Let’s face it, gift vouchers aren’t always the best option when it comes to showing your love for someone. And, with people taking real offense to these gifts, is it really worth the risk?

Check out our 3 reasons below why it’s a bad idea to buy gift vouchers:

  1. A Thoughtless Gift: With undertones of “I couldn’t be bothered to look any further”, gift vouchers don’t always shout personal. With one stop department stores, where you can literally get anything, there really isn’t much need for any thought.
  2. It Cost The Recipient More Money: How many times have you been given a gift voucher and ended up spending your own money to top it up, it’s a retailers dream!
  3. Expiry Date: With a deadline hanging over your head, there’s no surprise one third of all gift vouchers never get used.

With those 3 reasons in mind, why would anyone buy a gift voucher?

But, it’s not all that bad, not all gift vouchers are created equal. And, guess what? – Go Sail Gift Vouchers blow all 3 of those reasons out of the water! (Pun intended)

A Romantic Overnight Escape on a private yacht is the most beautiful gift you can give – an evening on the water with no distractions, nothing to do but look lovingly into each others eyes, while the water gently laps at the boat and the stars shine just for you.

Our gift vouchers don’t just show thought, they show love. As you’re giving an experience the voucher is guaranteed not to cost your loved one a cent more, all they have to do is turn up and have the time of their life. And, finally with no expiry date, there’s no chance of wasting this incredible gift.

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love or a wedding present that will never be forgotten, a gift voucher for a Go Sail Experience is the perfect solution. To find out more about our Gift Vouchers click here.