Wedding gifts are tricky. And, if you’re anything like me by the time you get round to buying one, it’s either too late and the list is closed or all that’s left is that collection of teeny tiny spoons or the $5,000 painting.

Neither of which say “we’re friends and I’m so happy to be a part of your special day.”

With most couples living together prior to the happy day, you can safely bet they already have all the cushions and matching bedding they could possibly wish for.

So what’s left?


Cash to me says, “Oops, sorry I ran out of time. Thanks for the free feed and enough booze to help me make some bad decisions, I hope this goes somewhere to minimising the dent in your bank account. “

With these thoughts ringing loudly in my head, I’ve put together a list of wedding presents that won’t cost you the world, but show that you genuinely give a shit about the happy couple.

1. Donate to Charity – Share the love, and give to something bigger than you. This works especially well if you know of something that is close to the newlyweds hearts. And if you’re feeling a little hard up you can choose to give as much or as little as you can afford, because remember, every little helps.

2. Sex Toys – Best to use your judgement on this one, this gift might not be for everyone.

But, with 50% of marriages ending in divorce these days, and many couples experiencing a lack of intimacy, this wedding gift might be more practical than you first imagined.

3. An experience – This is a broad one and can take many forms, from concert tickets to cooking lessons with price tags to match. It shows that you actually put some thought in and will be the gift that gets remembered. If you can get a group together and everyone chips in, you can really splash out.

Could this be my way out of wedding gift shame?

This Saturday, I’m digging out my bikini, slapping on some sun cream and spending the day floating around Sydney Harbour on a beautiful yacht, with 10 of my favourite people – including the happiest newlyweds I know.

Who knew giving a wedding gift could feel so good?