Food to get you in the mood

So you’ve picked the perfect setting for your romantic overnight escape. One night of pure romance on board your very own private yacht, gently bobbing in a secluded bay in Sydney Harbour.

As the stars twinkle over your evening with a knowing shine, there’s no doubt romance is in the air.

Just to make sure….. here are 5 romantic foods that will get your heart racing (in a good way) and fill you with that loving feeling.


We’ve all heard about the aphrodisiac effect of oysters, but did you know it’s actually true? Research shows large quantities of particular acids found in oysters have been seen to increase testosterone in males and progesterone in females, which increase libido.


A part from tasting great Raw Cocao is also known to stimulate the brain and increase your sense of excitement.


Apart from being an all round yummiest fruit in the world,this beauty contains essential fatty acids, potassium and vitamin E, all which increase your blood flow and hormone production – thank you avocados!


With talk of it actually being a fig that tempted Adam and Eve and not an apple, along with the wild call of a man eating a fig in front of a woman, there’s no denying this is one sexy fruit. There’s also a bit of science to back this tempting fruit up when it comes to romance – it’s a great source of iron and potassium-minerals much needed for an evening with your love one.


This unexpected treat is not just great at cooling you down on a hot summers day. It can also heat things up when it comes to your romantic overnight escape.


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