Escape the City Break


One on one time is so precious with our loved ones, too often we spend our down time in front of the TV, and forget the pleasure of really connecting with each other.

I guess that’s way I organise week ends away as often as I can. A weekend get away is the perfect excuse to escape the every day routine, the pressures of work and our need to fill every minute. 24 precious hours of nothingness, just each other.

So, when the opportunity comes around for a romantic weekend away do you really want to spend half of it traveling?

With Sydney Harbour so accessible and on our doorstep, you can escape the city without ever leaving Sydney.

For me the perfect romantic getaway is onboard our yacht, Sangfroid. Adrift on Sydney Harbour where worries about work and thoughts of home can’t reach me. It’s as if we’re in our own secret paradise as we float effortlessly underneath Sydney Harbour Bridge.  In our own world we go to secret places on Sydney Harbour, away from the crowds and busy city life. We sit in silence and hold hands as the day turns to night and stars become our entertainment.

We have this rule, whenever we’re having a romantic getaway, we turn off our phones. Not just to talk but to listen and also sit in silence. It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with each other and ourselves, to untangle the chaos of everyday life and remember what’s really important to us.

It’s incredible how just 24 hours can feel like a holiday, when you’re on the boat. How making time to read my book or snuggle up and watch the sun set can give me so much joy. How the sound of water gently lapping beneath me can send me into the deepest sleep, and how I wake up feeling alive and excited for life.

And when it’s time to go home, we’re closer than ever and happy in our own company.

To find out more about our Romantic Getaway on a boat in Sydney Harbour click here.

We can’t wait to have you.