Team Building

One of the best ways to create a functional workplace for your employees, where they learn to work together instead of in competition with one another, is to participate in non-work teambuilding activities. There are several options for teambuilding activities in Sydney, but the best are those that take advantage of the city’s most beautiful asset – Sydney Harbour.

Go Sail specializes in corporate team building in Sydney by offering team building boat races. This unique experience puts two teams of employees in a head to head competition to race ships across the harbour. While one team is bound to win and will have bragging rights after the trip, the true winner is your business, as your employees will learn to value each other’s strengths and boost each other’s weaknesses, all while having fun on the water.


Sailing is an activity that puts most employees on equal ground. While you might have one or two who own boats or are experts in a ship, most will not have much experience with this. Also, unlike other teambuilding activities in Sydney, sailing does not necessarily favour the smartest or most physically fit employees.

It is also a team activity that requires everyone to work together to accomplish a goal. Beyond these benefits, sailing is fun and relaxing, making it the ideal option forcorporate team building in Sydney.


Teambuilding activities in Sydney increase productivity and boost morale around the office. Our prices are much more affordable than other options for corporate team building in Sydney, and our races provide a one-of-a-kind experience on the water. You will notice a difference in your workforce the minute you enter the building on the day after one of our team building excursions, and it will be an experience you will want to relive again and again.

Consider making a sailing race with Go Sail a yearly teambuilding event for your company. Contact us today to schedule your first teambuilding session. You will be amazed at the change you will see.